Date: 11 December 17, 19:55 PM
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 PTP credits


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At first I want to apologize if I posted in the wrong section.

I want to buy a Promoter pack with 10 usd. In the description it says that I will also get 35000 PTP credits.
In my account stats I don't find the PTP credits so I want to ask what they are.

Thank you very much!


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hello SorinusC

this section is fine   ;D

the ptp credits will be listed in your account under popup credits
ptp stands for paid to promote,  members are paid by cashons and other sites to promote their link

these credits are mainly used to get hits to your ptp links,  the ads are shown when someone advertises their cashons ptp link either on cashons or on any other site

they will look like this:

you can use ptp credits to either get paid for advertising your cashons link or you can get paid by other sites with ptp for promoting their link
eg. cashnhits or donkeymails

if you own a site it is a good and cheap way to get more traffic to your site
i hope this is clear and let me know if you have any more questions