Date: 11 December 17, 19:56 PM
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 Cashons New Year Referrals & Purchases & Activity Promotions


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- New Year Is Almost here , And At Cashons I Want To Give Some Good Promotions For All Our Members :

1- Referrals Promotion :

- Any Member Who Gets 10 New Referrals Starting From Today Can Request Free Special Referring Membership , Which Will Give You 100% Referrals Earnings And 0.30$ PTP CPM , Membership And Will Be Valid For 1 Month
Simply After You Get 10 New Referrals , Just Send Me A Support Ticket So I can Assign Your Membership .

- Ok , This Can Be Good For Members Who Are Promoting Much , But What About Regular Members ?
Those Who Are Referrals Of This Membership Winner , Will Get Also Special Clicker Membership Which Will Give Them 50% Extra Earnings On Their Clicks , So You Click 0.001$ ad and earn 0.0015$ From It
So You Can Make A Team , Refer Others And You And All Your Referrals Will Win + All New Members Will Get 10 Cents As A Signup Bonus

2- Advertisers Promotions :

- All Purchases Will Be Doubled , So Anything You Buy You Will Get It twice , In Same Price

* Both Promotions Are Valid Till 15 Jan .
* Referring Membership Will Be Added After You Request It And Get 10 New Referrals ( Wont Apply On Purchased Referrals ) .
* Clickers Memberships For Referrals Will Apply For New Referrals Only .
* Double Orders Will Be For Advertising Credits , Wont Apply To Memberships Or Purchased Referrals .

3- Clickers Promotion :

- Daily Top Clicker Will Get 0.10$ Bonus

* Promotion Is Valid Till End Of Jan .

- If You Have Any Questions Just Post It Here And I'll Gladly Answer It

With My Regards


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Dear Admin Ayman,
I hope you will be all right.
Thank god that Cashons is again on the track.In this context I am to submit that I am an old member  but the number of clicks on the Account Page is so less as if  I have joined recently.Similarly there may be deficiencies with other data but unfortunately I do not have the record with me.It is requested that ,if possible,the same may kindly be rechecked so that it is updated for any reference.


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